The exclusive online members club for women like you who are serious about success.

Get the support and accountability you need to land better clients, grow your business, and make more money

“I’m just not making enough money.

“I don’t know how I’ll ever figure out the tech.”

“I’m so frustrated! And there’s no one I can ask for help.”

“I have no idea how to get clients.

“I didn’t think I would be so lonely.”

I’m ready to give up.” 


Sound familiar?



You're not alone.


Building a business can be lonely, frustrating, and expensive. The tech is confusing and overwhelming. You’re spending hours on your own. And you’ve never taken a business class, so you’re never sure that you’re putting time into the right things.  


But what if you were working alongside a community of ambitious, determined women working towards the very same goals as you? Women who would hold you accountable, provide feedback and support, and push you to dream bigger?  


What if you knew you could get all the support you needed to create a successful business — and you could actually afford it?

Welcome to GSD Society!


GSD Society is the premier members club for women who are building, growing and scaling online businesses.


If you’re… 

...tired of lowering your prices to get clients to say yes 
...overwhelmed at all the information out there 
...frustrated when you can’t figure out the tech 
...confused about your ideal client and why it matters 
...worried that you don’t even know the right questions to ask 
...ready for coaching and training, but you don’t have thousands to spare 


...then you need to join GSD Society today.  


What's waiting on the inside?

Exclusive Training & Custom Resources


You’ll find a comprehensive, growing library of trainings on mindset, marketing, social media and more, plus templates, workbooks, guides and challenges, developed to meet you where you are and move you to the next stage in your business. Every month, new resources and trainings are launched and added to the library so that you can find and implement exactly what you need, just when you need it.

“My business would not have grown as it has without the guidance, knowledge and support that I have received from Lisa over the last 18 months.” ~ Rachel Murphy

“There are training videos on every aspect of business — plus there are so many women in the group who are a step or a few steps ahead who are always happy to answer any questions. It’s like having lots of mentors.” ~ Abi Hugo

Wine Down Fridays


In addition to ongoing support and feedback, we have a weekly chat - the wine is optional for you, but a must for me - where you get to hear everything that’s happened in my business the past week, warts and all. I really do tell you everything - and then you have a chance to ask questions. Also, I really do recommend the wine. 

“Wine Down Fridays is a major highlight! Lisa tells you about her week and what she has learned and you can ask her anything.” ~ Jonelle Shado Beni

“Lisa and her knowledge and membership group have become my business secret weapon and it felt so right to speak to her in person to clarify my thoughts, get her direct advice and soak up her energy and enthusiasm for success. My business boost session was exactly that, I big boost! Not only for my business but also for my confidence, my strategy and my goals. The fact she was once a Scunny bunny too only adds to the reasons why I’m drawn to her!” ~ Nicola Geddes

Access to High Profile Experts


At least once a month, I pay a top expert - 6- and 7-figure business owners who are the best at what they do -  to come in and train you live. You get to ask your questions and get answers right then and there - and everything is recorded so you can access it later. You’re getting access to people who can command thousands just to speak - and they’ll be teaching you exactly what you need to know. 

Associate Coaches


You deserve support - and answers, even if you can’t afford to pay thousands for it. So I’ve hired associate coaches to answer any questions you have and provide additional hands-on trainings for you - and it’s all included in the price of your membership.

Networking Events


We are constantly adding and refining what the membership has to offer, the most recent of additions is a series of regular networking events where members can get to know each other and build relationships. One of the best parts of any membership is the opportunity to make connections and collaborate; the networking events can be the beginning of many beautiful friendships. 

If you’ve tried to build your business and it hasn’t worked, you are NOT alone.  


The women in GSD Society are just like you.  


They’ve tried to figure things out alone... and been frustrated.  
They started a business... and spent more than they made.  
They bought a bunch of courses that promised all the answers... but couldn’t figure out how to make money.


If you’re ready to learn how to build a real business, work with amazing clients, and make more money, then you belong in GSD Society. 


As a member of GSD Society, you’ll be part of a community of empowering and uplifting women who not only support each other in becoming successful entrepreneurs, but also in every aspect of life.  

Plus, you'll be part of a private Facebook group where you'll have access to me and other amazing entrepreneurs on the same journey as you! Here is what they have to say:

There’s no tie-in, so you can come out whenever you like – I only want members in there who are seeing real results in their business, so I make it easy for you to leave if you’re not. You simply cancel your membership.  


The best part is, it's only £49 a month - for amazing quality coaching and training for you and your business. 


PS: Don’t worry the price for you will never go up even if it goes up for new members. It will remain at the price you paid as long as you’re a member. 


Hi, I'm Lisa!

I'm Lisa Johnson and I'm a freedom and success coach. As the founder of three businesses, with one making multi 7 figures a year, I launched Lisa Johnson Coaching to help ambitious women create their ideal lives.  


I’ve felt lost in business, miserable, not making any money and not getting enough clients or the right clients. I've been left wondering how I’m going to turn it all around and whose advice to follow. I’ve even been on the verge of giving up! When I was at that point, I had to put money on a credit card to get coaching, but I realised even then that not everybody is in a position to do that.  


I know that everyone has it in them to turn their business around. That's why I created the GSD Society (it stands for Get Sh*t Done, but I’ve abbreviated it out of politeness!) At some point, we all have to invest in our businesses to get where we want to be. By making this such a low priced membership you get to benefit from the best coaching and training to turn your business around at a fraction of the cost most coaches charge.  


You CAN make money from your passion (and not just enough to get by), and you CAN have a life where you get to work when you want to work and where you want to work. A life where YOU decide the terms.  


GSD Society can make that happen for you.


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We all have a choice to carry on doing the same thing and getting the same results we're getting now or you can make a small investment in yourself and your business and start seeing big changes. 

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