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We’ve included every piece of the recurring revenue jigsaw you’ll ever need. If you want to launch a course or membership in 2020 we’re going to be covering:


  • Growing Your Audience

  • Nurturing Your Audience

  • Creating Your Course or Membership

  • Writing Sales Pages and Assets

  • Using Facebook® Ads

  • Launching The Non-Stressful Way

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Retention & Re-marketing

If you are a coach, creative and entrepreneur who is:


  • Fed up of leveraging time and too reliant on clients needing more consistent profit.⁣⁣⁣

  • Working ALL THE TIME in their online business and feel it’s affecting their life. ⁣⁣⁣

  • Spreading themselves too thin and getting stressed about not achieving much.⁣⁣⁣

  • Wanting more time and freedom to travel doing the things they love with the people they love.⁣⁣⁣

Then you are in the right place!


I was doing pretty well with getting clients in both of my businesses but I wasn’t earning what I’d always wanted to! The problem was I had no way of taking on more clients because I was already doing too much as it was.  


I then started learning a lot about the one-to-many model. I went through the usual worries – what would I even do a course, membership or programme on? Why would people buy from me? Did I even know enough about anything to make it work? But I loved the idea of waking up to more money in the bank than the night before so I learned everything I could and went for it!  


... and I no longer had to take 1-1 clients – when I do it’s because I love the project and the client rather than because I need the money. Over 80% of my multi 6 figure income comes from recurring biz streams and I have so much more freedom to spend time with my familyI now spend 2 months every Summer and the whole of December travelling with my kids


... and avoid all of the mistakes people regularly make there was nobody who would just tell me what to do – I was having to study what they were doing from the outside and read every book I could get my hands on until I made it work for me. Now, I’ve put a live group coaching course together with everything I learnt so that you can have a shortcut to success! 

Here's what Nikki & Shelly have to say...

Meet Lisa

Lisa Johnson is a business coach specialising in adding extra streams to your biz.


With previous careers in law, banking and the entertainment industry, Lisa set up Lisa Johnson Coaching and her popular membership group GSD Society to help women start making profits from their passions using strategy and mindset. While continuously selling out programmes, Lisa has had 3 x £100k+ course launches this year and several £60k+ launches. She had over 160 people join her first membership in 48 hours.  


Lisa has spoken on the BBC’s Women’s Hour and is a Thrive Global Contributor. She has presented on stages including for Selena Soo and at Magic Maker Live and been featured in national newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, Psychologies and Red. Her recent Forbes article garnered over a quarter of a million views in under a week.


Lisa lives in Hertfordshire with her Husband and 7 year old twin sons but coaches women around the globe. 

Caroline Jax

Caroline Jax Cake School

"Working with Lisa has been incredible! She’s honestly changed my life. Everything she’s taught me I’ve worked hard and implemented, following her guidance. She’s so down to earth and teaches in an easy to understand way and I find her energy, honesty and enthusiasm a breath of fresh air. I launched my very business stream 6 months ago and in that time I’ve earned around £15,000 from it. I’ve also just launched a monthly membership, again following all Lisa’s advice, so on top of that I now have an extra £2200 a month in recurring revenue every month. I can’t recommend her enough and will never be able to say thank you enough for how much my life has changed. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner."


Sam Bearfoot

Instagram Specialist

“I approached Lisa because my focus for the next quarter is all about recurring income generation.


My business is already very successful but swapping time for money isn't scalable in the longer term.


I launched a brand new service recently and using Lisa's help and expertise we hit my target numbers effortlessly and organically.


Really looking forward to the second launch where we will be taking it to the next level with paid traffic.


Quite simply Lisa knows her stuff and makes it easy for even the newest entrepreneur to understand and implement.”


Lauren Prentice

"Lisa coached me to set up a membership group for my business from concept through to launch, she helped with contacts on the tech side of things and with ideas on how to engage my audience. I made my initial investment back within 30 minutes of launching my membership and it continues to make me thousands every month".​

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“I’ve not finished the course yet and because of the way Lisa has taught me, pushed me and kicked me in the ass, I have tried to do everything she has asked me to do the best I can and on Friday I started making semi recurring income. I made £4,500 in an hour, £6,000 in the first day and it’s still going up! It’s amazing. I’ve tried to do it all myself but haven’t been successful. Following Lisa’s structure has worked and I’m so thankful.”

Emma Soulsby, Florist

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